November 20, 2013

Desa Salon Introduces Products By VitaTech!

Did you know that our bodies are between 65-70% water, and some tissues (such as our brain) can be up to 90% water? Research has shown that 99% of all molecules in your muscles is water.  Amazingly, one cell may contain more that 2 billion water molecules.  Water is essential for healthy cell function. We depend on water to transport oxygen and nutrients to our cells as well as clean out the buildup of carbon dioxide and other waste products we accumulate every day. 

VitaTech Products help promote:

 1.) HYDRATES MORE EFFECTIVELY – true intracellular hydration reversing dehydration, which is also a component of chronic degenerative disease

  2.) IMPROVES NUTRIENT ABSORPTION – efficient cellular absorption of submicron-processed nutrients and other biologically active compounds

  3.) HEIGHTENS METABOLIC EFFICIENCY – assists in the removal of cell waste now identified as a factor in abnormal cell function and slower recovery


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