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Desa Salon

Chris Tapia

Owner / Stylist

Proprietor and co-creative director, Chris Tapia is a second-generation stylist renowned for his artful precision cutting and technique. After attending Hampton’s assisting program in 1996, Tapia proceeded to hold some of the busiest chairs in Orange County – in Corona Del Mar at Images Salon for 2 years, and then at Christoher and Company for another 5 years. Then in 2005, Tapia launched Desa Salon.

Tapia’s professional ingenuity extends beyond his clients, to his own invention of patented razor-cutting blade called, “The Tool.” Unlike any razor on the market, “The Tool” is designed to feel more intuitive in hand. The secret weapon? The Tool is engineered in such a way that when held by any stylist, it’s naturally positioned to guard against fraying. Added ease of use and efficiency over the other razors explain why once a stylist uses The Tool their old razor is retired instantly.

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